Functional Capacity Evaluation _Work Hardening Program

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a person's ability to conduct activities of daily living and/or work. This standardized system is most frequently used to assess work-related injuries and helps determine the level of disability, rehabilitation needs and when the individual will be capable of returning to normal activity or work.

This physical assessment includes:

  • Strength activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling
  • Position tolerance activities such as standing or sitting
  • Mobility activities such as walking or climbing

A functional capacity evaluation documents specific measures for balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, body mechanics, strength, flexiblity and pain.

Return to Work Program

Our Services

Worker's Comp/Auto

Initiating therapy to decrease pain, improve range of motion and restore function for activities of daily living and eventually work related tasks.

Work Hardening/Conditioning

A program that focuses on restoring body strength, which will prepare the employee for the physical demands of their unique work environment.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

We provide evidence based, legally defensible FCEs to analyze an injured worker's ability to perform functional work activities.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Identifies aspects of the work environment that increase risk of injury and helps to resolve ergonomic challenges.

Job Site Evaluations

Evaluation of job-site used to formulate an individualized return-to-work plan.

Disability Evaluations

THC can provide objective, functional outcome measures so you can make a more accurate decision on disability for your patients/clients.