Back and Neck Pain Treatment Options

Back and Neck Pain Treatment Options

When you are suffering from back and neck pain in Battle Creek and Lake Odessa, MI, what you want the most is relief. Our team of physical therapists led by Dr. Mohinder Chawdhry at Total Health Center provides a variety of treatments to get you back to all the activities that you enjoy as quickly as possible. 

Before any treatment can begin, your physical therapist will need to have a discussion with your doctor and with you. Getting to the root cause of your pain is the best way to get the relief that you need. Each treatment plan is personalized to suit your particular needs. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can be hands-on as the therapist moves your joints and helps to work the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your neck and back. Stretching exercises, weightlifting, and use of machinery may also be involved. This is the part of your therapy that will improve your mobility and help you to get back some of the balance and strength you may have lost. 

Pain relief

Depending on how painful your condition is, pain relief may be required before you can begin to get the stretching and exercise that you need for long-term treatment. 

Hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy may be the first thing that needs to be applied to relieve back and neck pain in Battle Creek and Lake Odessa, MI. Cold therapy is applied ice which reduces pain and causes constriction of the blood vessels. When the heat is applied, the blood rushes back with a fresh supply of nutrients. 


Ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate the tissues. This warms and vibrates the tissue deep beneath the skin. It also stimulates endorphins, which are a natural way to reduce pain. It promotes healing at a cellular level. 

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation uses low levels of electric current to stimulate the muscles. This causes the muscles to contract and after this has gone on for a while, the muscles get tired and relax. This reduces pain and muscle spasms that can lead to back and neck pain. 

Your physical therapist will give you exercises to do at home to continue your healing. 

For back and neck pain in Battle Creek and Lake Odessa, MI, Dr. Chawdhry and the physical therapists at Total Health Center offer the treatment that you need. Our office can be reached at Battle Creek, MI, (269) 968-0888 and Lake Odessa, MI, (616) 374-0099 for an appointment. 

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