How Often Should I See A Physical Therapist?

How Often Should I See A Physical Therapist?

If you are in postoperative care or recuperating from an injury, the physical and occupational therapy experts at Total Health Center in Battle Creek, MI, and  Lake Odessa, MI, will set you on the right path towards recovery. Your physical therapy journey is always unique. Therefore, the frequency of your visits depends on your specific situation.

How Often Should I See a Physical Therapist?

In order to maximize the benefits of physical therapy and reach optimal performance, physical therapists recommend starting your program with three sessions per week. Each session will typically last one hour. However, depending on the circumstances of your injury, your physical therapist will adjust your program accordingly for your best possible recovery. As you progress through your program, your number of visits can reduce to two and even one session per week.

Factors that Determine Physical and Occupational Therapy Programs

Physical therapy is essential for optimizing recovery and addressing many issues that come with severe injuries and illnesses.  Working with a physical therapist can help improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and pain management. However, the frequency of your sessions and the length of your program depends on a wide range of factors. 

Your Physician’s Diagnosis

The most important factor determining the frequency and length of your physical therapy program is the severity and location of your injury. Your physical and occupational therapy experts at Total Health Center in Battle Creek, MI, will personalize a program based on the diagnosis from your physician.


No two injuries are exactly alike. The timeline of your recovery and the frequency of your visits largely depends on your lifestyle. For example, someone who lives an active lifestyle will have quicker recovery time with fewer visits than someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle.  


While every patient starts with three sessions per week, the frequency of your visits will decrease with progress.

Physicians Recommendations

Even with significant progress, your physician may still recommend that you stick with a specific number of sessions per week to optimize recovery.

If you are looking to understand more about physical therapy programs, reach out to your physical and occupational therapy experts in Battle Creek, MI, and Lake Odessa, MI. 

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