The Benefits of Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Benefits of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Here’s what physical and occupational therapy could do for you.

Physical and occupational therapy may be right for you if you have a health condition, injury, or condition that impacts your daily routine and activities and you want to get your independence back. Learn more about our Battle Creek, MI, osteopractor Dr. Mohinder Chawdhry and how physical or occupational therapy might be right for you.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of therapy designed to help patients treat or manage their symptoms, from pain and swelling to limited range of motion, while assisting them to rebuild and strengthen their bodies.

What is occupational therapy? 

Occupational therapy is a little different from physical therapy. Our Battle Creek, MI, osteopractor uses occupational therapy to help individuals recover from injuries, disorders, diseases and other conditions impacting their everyday activities. It also provides them with strategies, tips, and exercises that can help make these daily tasks a little easier. Occupational therapy can provide individuals with more independence over their lives, which is particularly beneficial for seniors.

What are the benefits? 

Everyone who comes into our Battle Creek, MI, office has different physical and occupational therapy goals. So, we will map out a treatment plan that is unique to you, your health issues and what you’re looking to achieve through therapy. Some of the benefits of physical and occupational therapy include,

  • Improve balance and coordination for fall prevention
  • Fine-tune fine motor skills
  • Re-learn everyday chores such as bathing and brushing your teeth
  • Gain independence over your life again
  • Be able to do everyday tasks for yourself
  • Allows seniors and older adults to stay in their homes as long as possible
  • Manage chronic health problems such as vascular problems and diabetes
  • Avoid the need for surgery
  • Improve mobility and everyday function
  • Eliminate pain and swelling
  • Promote recovery after a stroke, heart attack or another serious health problem
  • Improve recovery after a sports-related injury or accident

Here at Total Health Center, we pride ourselves on providing customized-to-you physical and occupational therapy to individuals living in and around Battle Creek, MI. To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Chawdhry, call us at (268) 968-0888.

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